White Stag Sierra

Official White Stag Camp of Northern California – Founded in 1958

Directions to Camp Cole

Camp Cole is 2½ hours east of Sacramento, California and one hour west of Reno, Nevada on Sterling Lake Road, Nevada County, California. The GPS coordinates are 39.3514882,-120.4944603.

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Driving directions to Cisco Grove

IMPORTANT: The six-mile dirt road into camp requires a pick up truck, SUV, or other vehicle with 9” or more clearance. Standard passenger vehicles are not suitable. We provide transportation for candidate participants into camp if you don’t have a suitable vehicle. If you drive into Camp Cole, allow up to additional 45 minutes.

  1. From Sacramento, take I-80 east to Cisco Grove, Exit 165, about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and 25 minutes west of Truckee.
  2. On the first day of camp, check-in is held behind the Chevron gas station on the south side of the Cisco Grove exit. When check-in is complete, if you have a pick up, SUV, four-wheel drive, or other suitable vehicle, you can drive your child to Camp Cole or arrange to carpool with a staff leader or another family.

Directions to Camp Cole

  1. On the north side of the Cisco Grove exit, turn left on Hampshire Rocks Road. Go about 100 yards.
  2. About 200 feet before the entrance gate to the Thousand Trails private campground, turn right on a Forest Service road.
  3. Follow the US Forest Service road for six miles and the signs to Camp Cole.

NOTE: Please drive carefully and slowly. Watch for oncoming vehicles. Vehicles that are uphill have the right of way. You must pull off and allow them to pass. As a courtesy, if a four wheel off-road vehicle is behind you, allow it to pass.

Flying directions

The nearest airport with scheduled commercial flights is Reno-Tahoe International Airport, 59 miles east of Camp Cole. We are an all-volunteer organization and we do not have members in that area. We are unable to offer airport transfer service. You must arrange your own transportation from Reno to Cisco Grove at Highway 80. We can arrange transportation from Cisco Grove into Camp Cole.

Alternatively, we may be able to offer transfer service from Sacramento International Airport for an additional $40 fee. Some participants are from the Sacramento area and may be able to accommodate an additional passenger in a private car. If interested, at least two weeks before camp begins, contact us.

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