A youth staff member surveys a possible hike route.
A youth staff member surveys a possible hike route.

White Stag is a camp by youth for youth. The candidates have a great time at summer camp, but it’s the youth staff who have the most fun and really learn leadership. When you teach something to someone else, you’re the one who learns the most!

The teens who volunteer to serve on youth staff meet once a month for almost an entire year. They work closely together to learn more about leadership; they hone their outdoors skills; they practice presenting leadership skills; they design and test learning activities; they develop a plan for the week; they practice ceremonies; they plan a menu and test meals; and lots more.

By the time our week-long summer camp begins, the adult staff are looking forward to standing back and watching from the shadow of a nearby tree. With the exception of medical contingencies, the youth are completely in charge.

Once the snow melts, the final two staff meetings in June and early July are on site at Camp Robert Cole. They’ll scout out locations for specific activities, review the terrain and the trails, and undoubtedly take a dip in the extremely chilly, snow-fed Lake Sterling.

They give their time because of the fun, togetherness, excitement, and challenging good times they have.

White Stag is where we are all working together towards a common goal. That feeling of unity can’t be found anywhere else. Knowing we’re all going in the same direction allows me to drop the barriers I have at school and other places. All that matters is the learning and sharing of leadership.

— Camille Merz, former Phase II Youth Staff

Our youth staff come from all over and you can expect to work hard and play harder. During summer camp, you may receive an invitation to apply for youth staff. Not everyone has what it takes, but we hope you accept the challenge!