When you attend White Stag Sierra summer camp, you’re called a candidate. This is because you have yet to prove your readiness and ability to accept the challenge to Follow the White Stag.

Celebrating success

White Stag camp isn’t for everyone. We challenge youth to get out of their comfort zone, to expand their boundaries, to become a better person. At the end of every week, we celebrate everyone’s accomplishments and success with a graduation ceremony.

On Saturday, July 11, parents and leaders are invited to a candidate graduation ceremony. We strongly encourage all parents to attend graduation so you can better appreciate the accomplishments of your youth.

The celebration highlight’s outstanding candidates who excelled in one or more ways. Special awards include the Most Spirited Award and the Outstanding Candidate Award. Youth staff may also be recognized for their hard work over the entire year.

Transportation to camp

  • Parents are responsible for providing their own transportation to camp.  You may carpool with other families if desired.
  • You must park your vehicle with your front end out, so that in the event of an emergency, you can exit the parking lot without turning your car around.

What to bring

Please bring a coat, hat, water, sunscreen, a folding chair, and walking shoes. The graduation site is about 300 yards from the central area via a dirt road.

We may have surplus food available for purchase at steep discounts in the kitchen area. Save money and help us out. Bring your checkbook!

Lunch and orientation

Graduation is preceded by a lunch for all adults. Meals are $5.00. Lunch begins at 11:00 a.m. This is followed by a parent and leader orientation. Graduation itself begins at 12:30 p.m. and concludes no later than 2:00 p.m. During the  orientation we familiarize you with some of the events and activities during the week. We give you some ideas about how you can help your child apply what they’ve learned at home.

Please do not disturb your child until graduation is completed.


11:00 Adult lunch
11:45 Adult orientation
12:30 Graduation ceremony
2:00 Pick up gear and homeward bound!

Camp closing

All campers must be picked up by Saturday afternoon no later than 2:00 p.m. the day camp closes.