In Patrol Member Development you learn how to be an effective team member of a close-knit group. You’re taught about the responsibilities of group membership and how to contribute your leadership skills.

White Stag Sierra Phase 1 teaches you camping skills to help you feel more independent and able to take care of yourself. We also use the outdoor skills to help you learn leadership skills.

As a youth preparing to enter high school, you’ll learn:

  • Leadership means to help keep the group together and get the job done.
  • The responsibilities of a patrol member, individually and collectively.
  • How to assume leadership roles usually available to youth 11-13 years old, like:
    • School band section leader
    • Scout Patrol Leader
    • Team captain
    • 4-H club officer
    • Class officer
  • Five beginning leadership skills, including:
    • Setting the Example
    • Getting and Giving Information
    • Evaluation
    • Knowing and Using the Resources of the Group
    • The Patrol Method


To attend Phase 1 Patrol Member Development, you need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Be 11 years old or have graduated from the 5th grade.
  • Previous hiking or camping experience is helpful but not required.

What you do

You take an overnight backpack trip about 3-5 miles long. There are lots of team-related games, leadership development activities, and swimming, campfires, skits, songs, and lots of camp yells.

Space is limited

Reserve your space at summer camp today. Space is limited and we are likely to reach our capacity soon.