In Patrol Leadership Development you gain the skills of a small team leader. You’re exposed to basic and intermediate levels of seven of the 11 leadership competencies. You are given guided opportunities to lead a small team of 6-9 others.

2020 Camp Update

Due to the Coronovirus 19 pandemic and to insure the safety of all participants and staff, we are offering iWhite Stag from July 12-18, 2020. Our Internet camp offers individual study and exercises suited to help you advance your leadership skills. Cost is only $100. If you have already registered, to learn how to request a partial or complete refund, visit our registration page.

As a youth in high school and looking forward to become an adult, you will gain:

  • An understanding of basic principles of leadership.
  • Knowledge of the characteristics of small teams.
  • Understanding of the functions and responsibilities of the leader.
  • Awareness of the resources available to the small team.
  • The ability to relate the operation of a small team to the main (larger) body.
  • A better understanding of how teams work and leadership roles of a group of several small teams.
  • Knowledge of different styles of leadership roles.
  • Better knowledge about your own ability to work as a small team leader.


To attend Phase 2 Patrol Leadership Development, you need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Be age 13 to 14. Or:
    • Have completed the 7th grade. Or
    • Have previously completed Patrol Member Development. (Prior attendance of Phase 2 is encouraged, but not necessarily required.) Or
    • Get the approval of the Phase Leader and Director.
  • Have several nights camping experience and and related camping skills.
  • Been on at least two overnight backpacking trips, preferably including two 5-mile hikes.

What you do

The week includes a hike about 5-7 miles long during 1-2 days in the backcountry. You’ll develop a intermediate level of skill in these leadership competencies:

  • Setting the Example
  • Manager of Learning
  • Controlling the Group
  • Representing the Group
  • Sharing Leadership

You develop a basic level competency in:

  • Counseling
  • Manager of Learning, specifically goal and objectives

Space is limited

Reserve your space at summer camp today. Space is limited and we are likely to reach our capacity soon.