Learn Leadership Hands-on

White Stag is a fun leadership camp for all youth 11-17, or who have completed 5th grade. Enjoy games, swimming, climbing, hiking, canoeing, and camping with a purpose: learning leadership skills.

Work fast to solve problems

Games help you learn to think quickly. You learn to strategize and solve problems. Games at White Stag Sierra help you improve your people skills. They help you learn to work as a team. You can’t just jump in and win, you have to work together if you want to win. Everyone has to help.

Sierra summer camp for teens

At White Stag Sierra, you learn team skills you need everyday. Yes, you’ll enjoy camping, swimming, rock climbing and more. But it’s fun with a purpose. Our youth staff manage learning and they work hard to apply unusual techniques to get unusual results.

We encourage you to give you best, to work hard, to focus on the positive, and to consistently strive to improve. We provide an environment where it’s safe to fail and try again. The only qualifications are some experience hiking and camping. Unplug and plug in — outdoors.

Adult Staff

Boys and girls learn leadership together

As a White Stag candidate, you get to see that girls and boys are different and they are equal. Everyone has different attitudes, skills, and knowledge to contribute. Every White Stag team has male and female members. You are removed from the every day environment of school and home and challenged to solve problems and work together.

You soon forget what you think is true about boys or girls and what they can or can’t do. You just work together to make things happen, to plan a hike, or make dinner. White Stag was among the very first youth camps in the United States to invite boys and girls to learn together in 1978.

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