White Stag gives you a chance to learn about leadership with teens your age. The program has three phases based on age groups and grade levels. When you complete one level, you are invited to take home what you learn and apply it in your youth group, school, church, or community organization. When you are ready to learn more, you can return to another phase.

When you come back to camp, or join us on youth staff, you can learn more and more about the leadership skills. No one learns the same way. We invite you to attend the camp program that meets your current needs. Choose a level that meets your needs.

  • Are you 10 to 13 years gold? Are you new to camping and hiking? Are you ready to learn about the dynamics and power of a close-knit group? Select Phase 1 Patrol Member Development.
  • If you are about 13 to 15, have some camping experience under your belt, like to hike and backpack, maybe you’re ready for Phase 2 Patrol Leader Development.
  • Feel like a veteran camper? Have you been on a few 10 mile backpacking trips? Looking for a big challenge? Then you’re ready for Phase 3 Troop Leader Development.

When you complete one phase, return the next year for a higher phase.

When you come back to camp, you may be able to join youth staff. The youth staff “manage learning”. They invent obstacles and challenges to help participants learn leadership. They practice and practice all year long, once a month, planning for and preparing camp.