White Stag is an experience that changes lives. Youth from all over the world have attended White Stag camp.

Success from the inner-city

White Stag Sierra staff at Camp Cole
White Stag Sierra staff at Camp Cole

A 14 year old young man from the inner city who has never hiked before learns he is going on a 12 mile hike over two days. He says there’s no way he can do that. But his youth staff and his fellow patrol members encourage him so he starts out with his team. When he gets into camp the next day, he is exultant. When he didn’t believe in himself, his staff and his fellow patrol members did. And he persevered and overcame. What else can he do now?

Girls and boys work together

A young patrol is given a simple challenge: to throw a rope over a branch, retrieve a distant object, raise it up, and tie it off. At first, no one including the Boy Scouts know how to tie the knots required. Then a girl steps up and shows the boys how it’s done. The patrol completes the challenged. The boys’ perception of girls is changed. The girl’s perception of herself is changed. What else can they do now?

Early job promotion

After attending White Stag as a participant and then on youth staff, a young man joins the military. He’s in situations that require planning, initiative, and good communication skills. He draws on his White Stag experience and immediately puts his skills to work. Within six months, he’s promoted ahead of his peers. What else can he do now?

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If you or a member of your family has attended White Stag, you’ve seen the value it has. You know how participation can change lives.

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