Leadership can be learned, and we believe the greatest benefit to individuals and our community is to help youth gain leadership skills they can use today and as adults.

Eleven core leadership skills

Camp Robert Cole in the spring

Our program helps you develop 11 core leadership skills, or competencies. We’ve set it up to help you learn simple ideas about leadership when you’re young and more complex skills as you grow older. This means that you can attend White Stag as a 6th grader and return again and again to learn even more. This plan is made up of three phases.

The leadership skills are a framework containing the essential knowledge a mature teen needs to be a leader. You can apply these competencies anyplace, any time.

  • Getting and Giving Information
  • Understanding Group Needs and Characteristics
  • Knowing and Understanding Group Resources
  • Controlling the Group
  • Counseling
  • Setting the Example
  • Representing the Group
  • Planning
  • Evaluation
  • Sharing Leadership
  • Manager of Learning

A life-long foundation 

The 11 leadership skills:

  • Provide a solid, well-tried and tested basis that helps you learn leadership.
  • Are a foundation to help you learn the best qualities of servant leadership that will last your entire life.
  • Help you mature as a leader over time as you take part in our three phases.

Candidates who successfully graduate from summer camp are eligible to apply to join our youth staff.

For more information, see the External link opens in new window Eleven Skills of Leadership.