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The White Stag has a message for you

Candidate graduation at summer camp

White Stag is inspired by the challenge issued by Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, to over 25,000 young men, long ago at the Fourth World Jamboree in Gödöllõ, Hungary.

The White Stag has a message for you. Hunters of old pursued the miraculous stag, not because they expected to kill it, but because it led them in the joy of the chase to new and fresh adventures, and so to capture happiness. You may look on the White Stag as the true spirit of Scouting, springing forward and upward, ever leading you onward to leap over difficulties, to face new adventures in your active pursuit of the higher aims of Scouting, aims which bring you happiness. These aims are duty to God, to your country, and to your fellow man by carrying out the Scout Law. In that way you will help to bring about God’s kingdom upon earth, the reign of peace and goodwill.

Lord Robert Baden Powell, 1933 Fourth World Jamboree

Among those listening was a Hungarian Scout named Béla Bánáthy, who after World War II emigrated from Hungary to the United States. He eventually became an instructor at the Army Language School, later the Defense Language Institute, in Monterey, California, USA. He founded the White Stag program there in 1958 and it has continued to grow and prosper.

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Jamboree farewell. Chief Scout Baden Powell bids farewell to the assembled Scouts on the final day of the Jamboree, describing the White Stag as a badge they must treasure. Image courtesy of Lew Orans of the PineTreeWeb.
On the final day of the 1933 Fourth World Jamboree, Chief Scout Baden Powell bid farewell to the assembled Scouts. He told them that they should forever treasure the symbol of the White Stag on their badges, that it would lead them on to great adventures. (Image courtesy of Lew Orans)