Leadership isn’t based on luck

Leadership is not something that comes with the blessings of birth or good luck in life.  We believe leadership can be learned. It’s not an accident that youth who graduate from White Stag are successful.

In most traditional training programs, the emphasis is put on changing what people think. You usually get very little time to practice. The trainers put even less time and effort into measuring change — whether you actually learned anything.

Learn by doing

The White Stag method puts a strong emphasis on individual and group participation and practice. We use a iterative training method to help you develop leadership habits. We also purposefully and deliberately evaluate what you learned, how the staff performed, and even how our overall program is working. We take a direct approach to leadership development. We define leadership as a set of skills or competencies that you can learn.

11 Skills of leadership

Our founder Béla Bánáthy defined 11 competencies of leadership.

All youth 11+ are invited.