After five years of leadership, Larry Challis stepped down as Program Director and Mark Weyland was selected in his place. Mark first attended White Stag as a candidate in 1980 in Phase 1 Patrol Member Development.  He was preceded by his two older brothers who had also been candidates and served on youth staff. He attended all three phases and in 1983 was selected to serve on Phase 1 youth staff.

His leadership skills were quickly recognized and in his first year on staff he was given the Silver Stag award for his outstanding contributions to the program. He then served on Phase 2 and then Phase 3 youth staff in 1985 and 1986-89. He served on the staff of White Stag Monterey from 2011 to 2016.  He joined White Stag Sierra as leader of Phase 3 Troop Leadership Development in 2017, after which he became Program Director. 

Due to the Coronovirus Pandemic, White Stag Sierra made the difficult decision to offer an online-only program. Youth from a number of states took part in virtual sessions on a variety of leadership skills.

Adhering to strict safety protocols, White Stag Monterey ran two sessions of camp from July 19-25 and August 2-8 at Camp Piney Creek.