Gain the skills of a small team leader. Learn planning, resources, teamwork, leadership styles, and basic leadership principles. Lead a small team of 6-9 others.

Lead small teams

In the Patrol Leadership Development program, you’ll practice leading a team of 6-8 others. You’ll get hands-on experience leading your team on a hike, or navigating a compass course, or running a campfire. You’ll learn what it means to control the group, and not boss them. You’ll gain experience learning your team members’ skills and abilities. You’ll practice sharing leadership and delegating.

Lake Sterling is shallow, meaning it stays pretty warm for a Sierra lake!

Improve your outdoor skills

You’ve probably already spent a few nights camping, and in this program you’ll get to stretch your legs. There’s usually an overnight hike. You’ll have to carry all of your food and tents and cooking gear. Sometimes unexpected things happen, and you’ll figure out how to solve problems. You’ll have to coordinate what your team does with the other teams, which means learning to compromise and share decision making.

Gain small team leadership skills

As a youth probably in or about to start high school, you’ll gain:

  • Key basic principles of leadership.
  • Knowledge of the characteristics of small teams.
  • Understanding of the functions and responsibilities of the leader.
  • Awareness of the resources available to the small team.
  • The ability to work with other teams, big and small.
  • A better understanding of how teams work and leadership roles of a group of several small teams.
  • Knowledge of different styles of leadership roles.
  • Better knowledge about your own ability to work as a small team leader.

What you need to know

To attend the Patrol Leadership Development (Phase 2) program, you need to meet these qualifications:

  • Be age 13 to 14. Or:
    • Have completed the 7th grade. Or
    • Have previously completed Patrol Member Development. (Prior attendance of Phase 2 is encouraged, but not necessarily required.) Or
    • Get the approval of the Phase Leader and Director.
  • Have several nights camping experience and and related camping skills.
  • Been on at least two overnight backpacking trips, preferably including two 5-mile hikes.

What you do

The week includes a hike about 5-7 miles long during 1-2 days in the backcountry. You’ll develop a intermediate level of skill in these leadership competencies:

  • Setting the Example
  • Manager of Learning
  • Controlling the Group
  • Representing the Group
  • Sharing Leadership

You develop a basic level competency in:

  • Counseling
  • Manager of Learning, specifically goal and objectives

Space is limited

Reserve your space at summer camp today. Space is limited and we are likely to reach our capacity soon.