Continuous learning

The evaluation attitude means a “predisposition to continually assess and analyze our actions.” Evaluation is a critical ingredient in our iterative learning program. We don’t just evaluate at the end of an activity. We evaluate informally as well, throughout the project or task. This helps you to continually be aware of your progress towards your objectives and measure your growth toward them.

We believe leadership means to consistently strive to improve, to never give up, to continually find ways to refine and enhance our success. Failures are only stepping-stones to success. The opposite of success is not failure, but to quit.

Retain what you learn

To retain what you learn after one week of leadership camp, you need to put it to use right away. We give you lots of chances to apply what you learn. Before you leave camp, we ask you to write down a few ways you can take what you’ve learned home and put it to use right away. This can be within your family, at school, within your religious organization, in a sports or other youth group, or in your community.¬†