White Stag leadership is not a typical summer camp. It’s fun, but it’s not a free-time camp. Expect to play hard and work hard.

Daily Activities

Camp begins daily at around 7am. Depending on the day of the week if you are in camp, most meals are prepared and served at the kitchen. If you are hiking, you will prepare meals as a team, learning to share leadership and responsibility.

The rest of the day depends on which program you attend: Patrol Member Development, Patrol Leader Development, or Troop Leader Development. You will likely play a game that turns out to be an exercise in leadership. You might be challenged to row a canoe across the lake — without paddles. You may face a giant spider web and be challenged to get your team through the web without touching it.

And then your youth staff leader will host a debrief and a teach and learn session about the day’s activities.

After lunch, you may go for a swim, take a hike, or climb a mountain. There’s more team activities and learning. Following dinner, you might have a camp fire, a song fest, or roast some marshmallows. You might get to listen to a story, or take a short walk in the woods. Then it’s lights out. You won’t have trouble sleeping, we promise.

Play Hard, Work Hard

Prepare to have fun, outdoors. There’s no wi-fi and no cell coverage. White Stag camp is fun with purpose. There isn’t a snack bar or a store. White Stag camp is a chance to be yourself without the distractions of everyday life. To focus on what it means to be a leader away from your regular life and school.

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