We believe leadership can be learned. You’re not born with it and you don’t learn it in school. White Stag camp is your chance to practice leadership skills with other kids your age.

Outdoor fun with a purpose

White Stag campers have fun outdoors learning real-life skills. While camping, hiking, climbing, swimming, and boating, they are challenged to work together as a team. We use the outdoors because it’s fun, physically strenuous, and rewarding. We use a small-team approach where each camper gets individual attention.

We use an outdoors setting that gives participants an adventure, that stimulates the body and mind. We challenge campers to grow physically, emotionally, and in their mind.

Leadership by design

White Stag is three phases, based on your age and experience. You are repeatedly exposed to and practice leadership in small teams. We believe learning never stops. You continually evaluate, seeking ways to improve both as an individual and as a team.

You get lots of hands-on opportunities to practice teamwork. Watch out for unexpected challenges that make you think on your feet! You’ll have to work together as a team if you want to get across the lake!

Do things you’ve never done before

At White Stag camp, you learn to do things you probably haven’t done before. It might be lashing poles together, cooking a meal for your entire patrol, crossing a mountaineering bridge, or hiking in the dark. You learn first-hand what it means to put yourself to the test. You get to learn what you’re made of.

How fast can you hit the other patrol with your water balloons?

Learn to do hard things

During summer camp, you may be asked to do things you think are hard. For example, you might have to go on an overnight hike with a backpack, or paddle a canoe without paddles, or climb a cliff. You have to prepare meals as a team. Some people have never done things like this before, and it can be a big challenge. In overcoming their fears and limitations, you grow.

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