Participants come to White Stag for the first time because their friends told them it’s fun. Without exception, when you ask what they remember about summer camp, it’s “fun”.

High-adventure fun with a purpose

High-adventure is what White Stag Sierra is about. Hiking in the high Sierras. Swimming in the mountain lakes. Adventure among the alpine trees. Games with a purpose. Songs by a campfire. Ceremonies among the crickets in the night. We develop skills like planning, communication, evaluation, and sharing leadership–but it’s fun with a purpose.

Team spirit and hard work

It’s the team spirit that makes the difference. We challenge you with something hard, and encourage you to try harder. You work with a team you’ve never met before, and everyone pushes you forward.

Symbolizing your week’s adventure for this one week, you’re challenged to create a patrol flag that stands for your togetherness and hard work. We celebrate the thousands of youth that have answered the call to “Follow the White Stag.”