Learn the skills of a large group leader leading small teams. Practice leadership skills with other motivated teens at the highest level in a high-adventure setting.

Learn about teams of teams

In the Troop Leadership Development program, you’ll practice leadership skills at the highest level. You’ll help lead multiple teams through adventures on and off the trail. You’ll learn the importance of good communication. You’ll find out about the dynamics of different teams working together, and how to help teams succeed. You’ll practice bringing people from different teams together and harnessing their skills to achieve your goals. You’ll probably figure out you don’t know as much as you thought you knew!

Candidate participants of White Stag Sierra paddle two canoes to the shore of Lake Sterling
Candidates canoeing on Lake Sterling

High adventure in the high Sierra

You and your team mates will probably hike to one or more of the nearby lakes for a couple of nights in the back country. You’ll have to find your way cross country, carrying all of your food, personal gear, and troop equipment. You will need your best outdoor skills to cook your meals and stay warm. You’ll likely lead another program through an adventurous day or help them put on a fun campfire. Your week will be a “mountain-top” experience!

Learn advanced leadership skills

In White Stag Troop Leadership Development (Phase 3), you’ll learn:

  • About the principles and processes of leadership development.
  • The characteristics of a group composed of smaller teams.
  • The functions and responsibilities of the large group manager and other leaders.
  • About resources available within the team.
  • How to manage small teams using the patrol method.
  • How to work more successfully with adult leaders of a team.
  • How to work more effectively in team leadership positions.

You develop a high level of skill in these leadership competencies:

  • Getting and Giving Information
  • Knowing Group Needs and Characteristics
  • Evaluation
  • Problem-solving
  • Knowing and Using Group Resources

You gain an intermediate level of skill in:

  • Manager of Learning
  • Controlling the Group
  • Representing the Group
  • Setting the Example
  • Sharing Leadership

You also get an introduction to:

  • Counseling

What you need to know

To attend the Troop Leadership Development (Phase 3) program, you need to meet these qualifications:

  • Be age 15-18. Or
    • Have completed the 8th grade. Or
    • Have completed Patrol Leader Development. (Prior attendance of earlier levels is encouraged, but not necessarily required.) Or
    • Obtain the approval of Phase Leader and Director.
  • Have completed at least one week or more camping and backpacking.

Space is limited

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