Once you’ve completed the application and paid your camp fees, you will receive reminders to complete and submit the necessary medical and permission forms.

All forms must be submitted and registration must be complete by June 1st. Late fee is $100. We only accept a limited number of candidates.

  1. While submitting your application, you can download the PDF file Personal Medical Record.
    • All applicants must complete Parts A, B and C of the medical record.
    • Your medical form must be reviewed and signed by a physician.
    • You must also send us a copy of the front and back of your health insurance card.
      NOTE: If Part C of the medical exam is against your religious beliefs, you can request a waiver. Please send us a written statement signed by your parent or guardian and your religious leader stating that a medical examination is against your religious beliefs.
  2. Scan your completed medical forms and upload them with your application.
  3. View your personal equipment list or download and print the PDF file White Stag Sierra Bring to Camp List.
  4. DEADLINE: If forms are not complete or if registration fees are not paid by June 15th, registration is canceled without refund.

Once we’ve received your application AND all of your required forms, we’ll let you know if your application has been accepted. Apply now — save and return as needed!