White Stag Sierra offers three summer camp programs that are tailored to meet your needs depending on your individual skill level, level of maturity, and readiness to learn.

Three programs

Our three programs allow you to learn simple ideas about leadership when you’re young and more complex skills as you grow older. This means that you can attend White Stag leadership camp as a 6th grader and return again and again to learn more.

2020 Camp Update

Due to the Coronovirus 19 pandemic and to insure the safety of all participants and staff, we are offering iWhite Stag from July 12-18, 2020. Our Internet camp offers individual study and exercises suited to help you advance your leadership skills. Cost is only $100. If you have already registered, to learn how to request a partial or complete refund, visit our registration page.

Our program is open to all youth. Some of our participants are members of Boy Scout troops. If you’re a Boy Scout, you can attend White Stag Sierra before or after National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), which many years ago was based on the White Stag model. Unlike NYLT, White Stag is for all ages. Choose a phase based on your age, maturity, experience, physical ability, grade level and Scout rank.

Leadership session in camp

Apply early

We are only accepting 120 participants this year.  Candidates are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We ran out of space last year, so apply early and pay fees on time to reserve a space.