White Stag is a lot of fun. One of the first things you do at camp is make your own patrol flag and create your individual patrol yell. You’ll need it too, because you won’t be able to eat unless you can show a little spirit! You’ll get to take part in campfires with plenty of enthusiastic songs.

And there will be quiet times, when you take a walk in the deep woods and, staring into a fire, are challenged to reflect on who you are and how you can become a better leader. You’ll make new friends and likely leave camp with a list of your patrol members’ email addresses and cell phone numbers.

White Stag touches you. It teaches you respect and concern for others. Hiking as a patrol, you will learn to look out for your fellow patrol members, to think about the entire team’s needs and charactertistics. You will learn to trust your patrol leaders and counselors, and to follow them even to someplace you’ve never been before.

Most of our modern, civilized world is stripped of the shaping moments found in the White Stag Leadership Development Program. White Stag will influence you spiritually and emotionally. Even if you belong to a Boy or Girl Scout troop, a church, synagogue, temple, or other social group, it is unlikely that you have had the kinds of experiences you will find in White Stag. White Stag stirs in your hearts a desire to become a better person.