Wondering what White Stag Sierra has in store for your youth? White Stag Sierra is a leadership camp led by youth for youth. We offer a fun, high-adventure filled week for all youth 11-17 years old.

Games – We believe learning is fun with a purpose.

Camping – Putting aside daily distractions, youth learn in the outdoors, connected with the elements.

Hiking – Stretching themselves physically, the candidates hike from one to three nights, depending on their age and skill level, into the back country of the Tahoe National Forest.

Leadership skills-building – We know that people remember better when they learn hands-on. We help youth develop 11 essential leadership skills that they can use to be more effective in their school, at home, and in their community. They get lots of chances to learn and practice leadership skills in small and large group settings.

Songs and yells – Nothing raises spirits like singing songs, cheers, and sharing fun.

Teamwork – We believe in learning by doing. We use the outdoors as our extended classroom. White Stag Sierra leadership camp challenges youth to overcome their limitations, to expand their boundaries, to become a better person.

Campfires – We know learning sinks in when youth take time to reflect and consider what they’ve accomplished.

Ceremonies – When youth attend summer camp, they’re called a candidate, because they must prove their readiness and ability to accept the challenge to Follow the White Stag. We help youth mark their accomplishments with special ceremonies.

Three phases – White Stag leadership development camp offers three programs to meet the needs of every teen. This allows youth to come back to White Stag Sierra and gain new leadership skills every year.

In Phase 1 Patrol Member Development, youth 11-13 learn how to be an effective team member of a close-knit group. They’re taught about the responsibilities of group membership and how to contribute their leadership skills.

At Phase 2 Patrol Leadership Development, teens 13-15 gain the skills of a small team leader. They’re exposed to basic and intermediate levels of seven of the 11 leadership competencies. They are given guided opportunities to lead a small team of 6-9 others.

And if a teen is 15-17 years old and ready for a big challenge, they can attend Phase 3 Troop Leadership Development. In this program, teens learn the skills of a large group leader leading small teams. They practice leadership skills at the highest level in a high-adventure setting.

White Stag Sierra is held each year in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Plan now to attend.